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Point of Sale features

  • No Server required. Each pos unit can run on its own.making it fast and reliable
  • Department and PLU keys setup automatically, saving you time and frustration
  • All buttons pressed are recorded for security
  • Clutterless and easy to use interface
  • Secure control on all functions, such as refunds, discounts and voids
  • Selective discounting on particular items once they have been rung up
  • Pay Out, Receive cash, and No sale
  • Promotional items -removes the value of the item sold and sets it to promo
  • Multiple preset discounts
  • Price override
  • Price enquiry - check the price without having to ring it up
  • Up to 8 different price levels
  • Voucher control
  • Cash declaration
  • Separate customer discounts and staff discounts
  • Tax exempt facility for exported goods
  • Capture floats
  • Up to 4 cash drawers on one POS unit
  • Control on cashier voiding (prevent unnecessary voids)

    For restaurants, clubs, bars, fast food outlets
    • Fast moving screen with up to 63 items
    • Tablet facility
    • Table tracking
    • Join tables
    • Easy split billing
    • Transfer tables
    • Waiter to waiter transfer
    • Table name
    • Tip control
    • Service charge
    • Combo’s with item swap facility
    • Automatic price changes(Happy hour)
    • Table layout
  • For retail outlets
    • Items can be rung up via touchscreen, alpha-numeric codes, item lookup or barcode scanner
    • Items can be searched by supplier
  • Unique features
    • Automatic sales backup to memory stick, so no data is lost in the event of hardware failure.
    • Update programming from a memory stick - ideal for event companies
    • Save day end reports to a memory stick - ideal for event companies

Point of Sale reports

  • Financial sales
  • Item sales
  • Sales by department and groups
  • Hourly sales
  • Cashier sales
  • Void report
  • Exception reports – events that happen out of the ordinary
  • Cash up facility
  • Journal report
  • All reports can be viewed on the screen or printed on the POS printer
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