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    New and exciting features in XLPOINT

Mix n Match – Buy 1 get 1 free(BOGOF)

Buy any two items and get the third free.  The advantage is that the items can be rung up in any order and in between any items and XLPOINT will detect which items are part of the BOGOF sale.

Pay one price for Multiple items

Select any three items from a range of products and pay a discounted price.

Conversational ordering

It would be great if a customer would order in the right sequence so ringing up on the POS would not be problematic with voiding items when a customer changes their mind.

That’s where conversational ordering comes in... if a customer wants to change or modify an order, no problem, simply select it and add any new instructions or change existing messages without having to void the item and re-ring it up.

Item swap

A customer buys a combo of a Burger, Chips and Coke, but wants to change the coke for an Appletiser...No problem..select  item swap and choose the item the customer wants, and if the item is more expensive then the system will add on a top up price.

Fixed Combos

From Fast food outlets to Tyre change businesses. When a product consists of multiple items, simply group them and XLPOINT will ring them all up together at one price. This way you are assured that your inventory control is correct.

Combo creation

Let a customer choose which items they want to add into their combo

Selective discounting

XPOINT will allow you to select an item at any time in the sale and give a discount on it. Once an item is discounted it won’t be discounted again in the sale.

Void tracking

A simple and effective way of catching thieves. Every void that is done is recorded with the date, time, what was voided and who voided it.
By placing a camera over the POS you can now go and watch at specific times in the recording to see exactly what happened when the item was voided, and if it was a legitimate void. No need to watch 8 hours of video!

Price enquiry

When a customer wants to know the price of an item, simply do a price enquiry. Eliminate the need to do a void.

Receipt printing control – number of reprints

Control the number of times a receipt can be re-printed.  This is effective in coffee shops or restaurants where a waiter will re-print a bill for orders that are the same and only declare the cash for one sale

Connect up to 4 cash drawers on one pc


Rear monitor for ads

Never under-estimate the power of advertising at point of sale.  Instead of the old Pole display now you can advertise new products or upcoming events that will be happening in your business. People buy with their eyes and what a better way than displaying it right before their eyes while you ring up their items.

Online store

XLPOINT can now control your stock in your shop and online at the same time.

There is so much more to show and offer, so why not pop us an email and let someone give you a complete demonstration